Can you tie knots in beading wire?

Fine beading or jewelry wire must be made secure with knots to keep a bracelet, necklace or earrings from coming apart when a knot loosens. The simple half hitch knot works well for securing the ends of a beaded jewelry piece.

Can you tie jewelry wire?

With flexible beading wire, you can tie the jewelry wire into a knot that will hold securely. Using crimp beads and covers, you can ensure that your finished piece will be just as attractive and sturdy as manufactured pieces with clasps.

Can you string pearls on beading wire?

You’ll also want a pearl reamer to manually ream out any pearl with a rough edge or a hold that is too small. Accu-Flex® beading wire 0.012-inch or 0.014-inch diameter work well as they both fit through the holes on most pearls. You can use French wire, bead tips or wire protectors on the ends of your thread or wire.

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