Frequent question: How do you quilt EPP hexagons?

Are hexagons difficult to quilt?

And truthfully sewing hexagons (or other y seams) isn’t that difficult it just takes a little bit of practice to get it down. … You will need to cut some of the hexagons into half to do the vertical rows, and some into quarters to finish off the horizontal row.

How many hexagons are in a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt?

By the 20th century, hexagon quilts were usually made in the Grandmother’s Flower Garden pattern. These contained a center hexagon surrounded by six colorful printed or solid hexagons with another row of 12 hexagons around that.

What can you do with EPP hexagon?

Each hexagon (or EPP shape) is made individually by wrapping fabric around a paper shape, then securing it in place using either stitch basting or glue basting. And then the shapes are stitched together to form a new ‘fabric’. Hexies can be used alone to create lovely patterns and shapes like flowers.

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