How do I make rounded corners on pillows?

How do you make a pillow without pointy corners?

Seam-Trimming Method

This is especially true when you are using heavy upholstery fabric. The simplest solution is to trim the seam allowance diagonally at the corners and the seam allowance as it approaches the corner before you add a seam finish. In some cases, this simple solution will eliminate the pointy corners.

How do you finish the edge of a pillow?

A common way to close a pillow is to hand stitch the fourth side of the pillow closed. This is the best method to use when you want the edges of the pillow to appear the same on every side and if you either don’t plan on removing the pillow or want to use stuffing rather than a pillow form, as you sew it inside.

How do you make Turkish corners on cushions?

To create the turkish corners, fold the fabric diagonally at one corner with right sides together. Measure over 1 1/2″ from point of corner, and mark with a pin. Flatten the point of the corner evenly over the pin, and pin each side in place. Repeat these steps 2-4 for all of the rest of the corners.

How do you make a round cushion with a zip?


  1. Cut the strip segment in half length-wise.
  2. Line up the outside edges of one half to the zipper, right sides together. Using a zipper foot, sew zipper to the first half. …
  3. Lay the second fabric half on top, aligning with the other edge of the zipper, right sides together. Sew another seam.
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