How do you sew elastic to itself?

Can you sew elastic directly to fabric?

You can sew lengths of elastic directly to the wrong side of the fabric to shape a garment at wrists, ankles, and waistlines. … Sew with a stretch stitch or a zigzag stitch, which will stretch along with the elastic. Finish the hem of the garment, if applicable. Mark the seam allowances at the sides of the garment piece.

What stitch do you use to sew elastic?

Use the zigzag stitch setting on your sewing machine and sew across the overlapping elastic 2 or 3 times. This will ensure that the ends of the elastic band are well connected. Another option is to sew the ends of the elastic together using a scrap piece of fabric.

How do you sew thin elastic together?

Use a zigzag stitch on a sewing machine to overcast the elastic ends. Look for fraying when overlapping the elastic ends, but this is why edges should be overlapped about ½” to 1”. The best practice to join narrow elastic ends is to use washable stabilizer instead of pinning.

What tension should I use for elastic?

Generally elastic works best when stretched 3-8%, with 8% only being used on the smaller parts of the garment as it’s a bit extreme, as remember the more you stretch the elastic the more stitches you are putting on that space of elastic.

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