How do you tell the front and back of crochet?

How do you tell the right side of crochet?

You can always distinguish which side of the fabric you’re looking at by locating the tail of the foundation chain. If it’s on your left, then the right side is facing you; if it’s on the right, then the wrong side is toward you.

Does crochet look the same on both sides?

When you work in rows, you’ll turn your work after every row. This means that you will see both the right and wrong sides of the stitches on alternate rows. The look is the same if you choose to work joined rounds while turning your work.

Which is the right side of double crochet?

When crocheting stitches, the part of the stitch that is facing you as you work is called the Right Side. Another way to think of this is the front of your work.

Do you crochet under both loops?

Typically, when you crochet you insert your hook under both the front and back loops of the V. But when a pattern asks you to crochet into the back loop, you insert your hook into the back loop only and make your stitch as instructed.

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What is the back loop of a crochet chain?

The back ridge loop is the loop in the middle of the stitch on the back side of the chain. The chain is generally the first stitch a new crocheter learns. It’s easy to make, but it does take practice in order to work consistently. Chains that are the same size will give your fabric a nice even edge.

How do you know the front of crochet?

The RS row is the first row of crochet, not including your chain. If your piece was started with a foundation chain, then the beginning tail of your piece will usually be on the bottom right when you are looking at the RS.

Which is the front of my crochet?

The bottom row is, once again, the back side. The top row is the front of the double crochet stitches. You might notice that in a double crochet when you are working a front stitch the top loops, though they are at the top of the stitch, of course, are also a little bit to the right of the post.

What is front post double crochet?

The Front Post Double Crochet is a method for making texture on the right side of your fabric. It is made by working into the row below, and pulls the fabric up and out on the right side, forming a bump in the fabric. It’s a technique used in cables, ribbing, simulated stitches, and basketweaves.