Is Knit Picks yarn ethical?

We work closely with responsible partners and spend several months of travel each year to ensure safe and respectful working conditions that exclude child labor. So while we’re proud of our affordability, we’ll never cut costs at the expense of ethics.

Where is Knit Picks yarn made?

From Fleece to Finished Goods

The journey of High Desert begins in the meadows, forest lands, and deserts of the American West. From there, the wool travels to South Carolina to be cleaned and processed for spinning, then onward to North Carolina, where it’s dyed and spun.

Is knit picks a good company?

KnitPicks has a consumer rating of 3.41 stars from 27 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. KnitPicks ranks 2nd among Knitting sites.

What is the most ethical yarn?

5 Eco-Friendly Yarn Options

  1. Tencel Yarn. Although not easy to find, this is one of the best eco-friendly yarns for knitting and crochet. …
  2. Silk Yarn. Silk yarn can be made in an eco-friendly way. …
  3. Alpaca Yarn. Many animal fibers need a lot of chemicals to process them into yarn. …
  4. Food Yarn. …
  5. Organic Yarn.
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Is there Cruelty Free yarn?

And of course there are many issues with animal fibers, but cruelty-free wool is from sheep that are treated well. … The most ethical fiber is recycled yarn, which can be beautiful. Yarns made from plants such as bamboo, soy, nettle, jute, and flax are good choices, too.

Where does Knit Picks ship from?

Your order will be shipped via Australian Postal Service, United Parcel Service or other carrier. You should expect delivery in 8 – 12 business days depending upon your location.

Where is LOPI yarn made?


Fiber Content 100% Icelandic Wool
Gauge 3.25 sts = 1″ on US 10.5; suggested K hook
Weight/Yardage 100g/109yds
Care Hand Wash
Country Of Origin Iceland

Are Knit Picks needles good?

Known primarily for their wonderful wooden needles, most of them are made from smooth laminated birch sourced from sustainable sources. Available in several different gorgeous colorways, these needles look beautiful while being a joy to use. They’re a great place to buy knitting needles.

Does wool of the Andes pill?

Yarn – Wool of the Andes (100% Peruvian Highland wool) by Knit Picks. … Yarn started pilling a little bit on the hem and ribbing of the sleeves, but nothing drastic. Overall I am very happy with how it looks like after a year of wear.

What ply is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes?

Worsted (9 wpi) ? Our classic worsted wool yarn is spun and plied carefully to achieve a wonderfully balanced twist. A sturdy yet soft yarn with excellent stitch definition and heirloom durability.

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Is knitting good for the environment?

Knitting and crochet already help the earth because they fight fast fashion. Slow fashion is an antidote to many of the environmental issues associated with fast fashion. … As a bonus, Slow Yarn isn’t just good for the earth but also good for you.

Is yarn bad for the environment?

Because these yarns contain no synthetic materials, manufacturing them has no negative impact on the environment. They are spun from their natural base fibers, often, by hand with no factories or fuels needed. After being discarded, natural yarns biodegrade within as little as 5 months.

Why is wool unethical?

When it comes to wool, the hard truth is the wool industry exploits sheep, and there is evidence to show this results in significant harm to the animals. A lot of people still feel shearing a sheep’s wool is a harmless practice, as visions of sheep-shearing are often associated with the innocence of shaving a pet.

Is knit sustainable?

Knitting has many uses and offers knitters the opportunity to expand their role from creator to user and even to the supplier, making it one of the most sustainable crafts of all. You do not have to be prepared for a life in the wild just to enjoy a little bit of hand-knit goods.

Is there ethical wool?

Ethical merino wool does exist—but you’ll have to do your research. Check for labels like the Soil Association Organic Standards, the ZQ Merino Standard, and the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS).

Is AllBirds cruelty free?

AllBirds uses wool so it is not cruelty-free nor PETA-approved. … PETA recommends one of the many brands that use innovative materials instead of products derived from animals (like TOMS Navy Washed Denim Women’s Del Rey Sneakers).

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