Question: Who is misty at Missouri Star Quilt Company?

Misty is our wonderful Missouri Star LIVE host and she grew up surrounded by sewing and quilting.

Who is misty on Missouri Star Quilt Company?

Misty Doan is many things. She’s a mom, wife, city councilwoman, model, quilter, Missouri Star LIVE host, and now… a designer! Misty recently created this quilt pattern, Into the Woods!

Is Misty related to Jenny Doan?

These days just about the entire Doan family is part of the operation. There’s Al, Sara, Natalie, Jake, daughter-in-law Misty, and parents Jenny and Ron.

Is Jenny Doan still married?

Jenny Doan is an American quilter, author, and YouTube personality. She rose to prominence as the face of Missouri Star Quilt Company, the largest quilting supply vendor in the United States.

Jenny Doan
Spouse(s) Ron
Children 7

How old is Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt?

Following Al is Jake, who is married to Misty, and together they have three children: Gideon, Ashelyn, and Ezra. Jake writes: 58.

Who is the owner of Missouri Star Quilt Company?

Jenny Doan sits with her daughter Sarah Galbraith, who co-founded Missouri Star Quilt Co., outside two of the new restaurants the company bankrolled in downtown Hamilton, Mo.

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Has Missouri Star Quilt Company been sold?

Tacony Corporation announced today that it has sold Nancy’s Notions to Missouri Star Quilt Company. “We had been looking for a strategic partner with the necessary resources and expertise to help take Nancy’s Notions to the next level,” Tacony CEO Kristi Tacony Humes said in a press release.

Who is Liz on Missouri Star Quilt Company?

Liz Gubernatis – Senior Manager of Education – Missouri Star Quilt Company | LinkedIn.

How many stores does Missouri Star Quilt Company have?


Our 12 quilt shops in Hamilton, Missouri are a destination for quilters from all over the world.

Is Missouri Star Quilt Company open for business?

Hours: 9am-5pm Mon. -Sat., closed Sun.