What does semi stitched blouse mean?

Semi stitched implies either half stitched outfit in which styles are pre-constructed like shown in the image or has pre-defined neck styles, sleeve style on fabric with pre-defined sleeve length, neck depths & outfit length.

What is difference between semi stitched and unstitched?

Semi-stitched means half stitched dress in which styles have predefined sleeve length, dress length, sleeve style, neck depths and neck styles. In these dresses, the only thing left open is side seams, which can be adjusted as per the bust size. Unstitched means the dress will have to be stitched completely.

What does free size mean on Alibaba?

Yes it means one size fits all because it can stretch to any size.

What is free size in lehenga?

Free size means upto 3XL Because not every woman’s body is the same and you have to fit your body size.

What is semi stitch?

Semi-stitched dress means a dress half stitched, and the other half is kept opened/ stitch free. It is mostly stitched from above and the lower part is kept non stitched. You can also stitch it according to your measurement. Monica P.

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What is an unstitched saree blouse?

It’s just mean that a plain cloth that’s made for the sari which you have to get it stitched or made according to your measurements.

What is meant by free size in dresses?

Free size clothing is designed specifically to be unstructured and flexible in its design, meaning that typically a free size garment will fit an average of traditional sizes. … Free size clothing has a very flattering look, it’s ALWAYS comfortable to wear and ALWAYS easy-wearing!

What does plus size mean in women’s clothing?

Plus-size clothing is clothing proportioned specifically for people above the average clothing size. … According to PLUS Model magazine; “In the fashion industry, plus size is identified as sizes 18 and over, or sizes 1X-6X and extended size as 7X and up”.

What is free size Tshirt?

Free size generally means that the sizing criteria is such that it will fit most people and has so few details in the measurements such as to constrict the sizing for the wearer.

What does OS mean in size?

“One size fits all” is a description for a product that would fit in all instances. The term has been extended to mean one style or procedure would fit in all related applications.

How many cm is XXL?

Shirt Size Converter (Letter to Number)

Letter (means) Number Neck
XL Size (Extra Large) 45 Size 45 cm
XXL Size (Double Extra Large) 46 Size 46 cm
XXL Size (Double Extra Large) 47 Size 47 cm
XXXL Size (Triple Extra Large) 48 Size 48 cm
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What does standard stitching mean?

Ready to wear (standard stitching) implies customizing the outfit in as shown style based on bust size only. All other parameters are in accordance with the size chart.

What is un stitched size?

1. having no stitches; unsewed. an unstitched length of material.

What is unstitched clothing?

Unstitched clothes are the clothes that are not stitched. They are worn by wrapping them around. For example, sari, lungi, dhoti, dupatta, shawl, etc. An unstitched cloth.