What is a crochet infinity scarf?

Instead of being a long rectangle of fabric that’s tied around the neck like a traditional scarf, an infinity scarf is one continuous circle that you loop around your neck. A crochet infinity scarf is fairly quick and easy to make even if you’re a beginner, though you should know basic crochet stitches.

How many chains do you need for an infinity scarf?

A Perfect Infinity Scarf for Beginners. Also, note the number of chains to begin your scarf is 120. If you are making it for someone larger than average or you want to be able to loop it loosely on your neck, you might want to use 146 links instead.

What is the width of an infinity scarf?

Measure and Cut Your Fabric

Measure your fabric in a rectangle shape to the length and width you want; we chose 60″ long x 40″ wide, as a 60″ infinity scarf can usually be wrapped twice around the neck for a nice, close fit.

How long should an infinity scarf be crochet?

Make the scarf as long as you want it to be. A good length to work with is about 60 inches (1.5 m), but you can add or subtract rows as desired to make the length longer or shorter. Chain stitch five times, slip stitch into a gap, chain stitch five times, slip stitch into a gap, and so on.

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How long should a infinity scarf be?

How long should an infinity scarf be? Around 60 inches is great for knit fabrics, especially if they are not bulky (like here), any width of fabric from 55″ onwards will be fine.

How do you end an infinity scarf?

How to End Knitting an Infinity Scarf

  1. Knit your scarf until it reaches the desired length. An infinity scarf is usually 60 to 90 inches long.
  2. Bind off all stitches. …
  3. Fold your scarf in half with the right sides together.

What’s the difference between a cowl and an infinity scarf?

A cowl is tight to the neck. … An Infinity Scarf is loose and you can wear it long or double it around your neck. Both are actually called cowls (as you will see by the names below) but if I’m talking about them both in a post, I will use different terms to distinguish the length.

How much fabric do I need for an infinity scarf?

To make each scarf, you need a 2 yard by 22″ piece of fabric. You can either but 2 yards of fabric and make 2 scarves out of those 2 yards, or you can use one yard, cut it into two 36 in by 22 in pieces and then sew them together along one 22″ side to create 1 scarf out of 1 yard.