What is a turning stitch in knitting?

There are two uses for turning. The most common use is to divide the knitting to work the pieces separately (e.g. the front neck of a jumper). When instructed to turn, simply turn the knitting around by swapping each needle to the other hand, ready to work back in the other direction (this will be the next row).

Why do you wrap and turn in knitting?

Basically, a Short Row is just that: a row that you don’t knit to the end of the needle. There are lots of ways to turn your work partway through a row, but our favorite is called a Wrap + Turn (wrp-t). This simple method prevents holes along the Short Rows and works well with many different stitch patterns.

What does turn mean in knitting with circular needles?

Since you’re working back and forth, turn just means to start the next row–switch the needles in your hands.

Do you turn your work when knitting in the round?

Unlike flat knitting, where you are knitting a row then turning your work, you work circular knitting in rounds. You do not turn your work. You work each row of the pattern in circular rounds on circular needles. Let’s talk a little bit about circular knitting needles.

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