What is stitch fiddle?

Stitch Fiddle | Free online knitting and cross stitch stitch chart pattern editor software.

How do I upload photos to stitch fiddle?

Import picture

  1. Choose picture. On the first screen you choose an image. …
  2. Size. The size of your chart is based on the number of columns and rows. …
  3. Cutting. …
  4. Gauge proportions. …
  5. Rotation. …
  6. Colors. …
  7. Editing. …
  8. Start crafting.

What is stitch fiddle premium?

The Premium version helps to keep our team and servers working. The basic features are free, and stays free forever. Start now designing your own first pattern!

How do you knit a chart?

Charts for flat knitting are read in the same direction you would knit your work: starting from the bottom and reading from Right to Left (←) on RS rows (usually the odd-numbered rows) and from Left to Right (→) on WS rows (usually the even-numbered rows).

What are the symbols for crochet?

In symbol crochet, each stitch is represented by a little picture or symbol.

  • or. …
  • represents a single crochet (sc).
  • represents a half double crochet (hdc).
  • represents a double crochet (dc).
  • represents a treble crochet (tr).
  • represents a slip stitch (sl st)—this symbol resembles the chain symbol, but is filled in.

What does full cross stitch mean?

Full Cross-Stitch: Make one cross-stitch for each symbol on the chart. For horizontal rows, stitch the first diagonal of each stitch in the row. Work back across the row, completing each stitch. Remember to embroider the stitches uniformly—that is, always work the top half of each stitch in the same direction.

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