What is the difference between Tunisian and Afghan crochet?

Tunisian crochet is the technique in which you usually use a longish hook with a stopper on the end. You pick up loops on the forward pass and then remove them with the return pass. … The term “afghan stitch” is just one of the many stitches in a family of stitches called Tunisian crochet.

Is Afghan crochet the same as Tunisian crochet?

Tunisian crochet or Afghan crochet is a type of crochet that uses an elongated hook, often with a stopper on the handle end, called an Afghan hook. It is sometimes considered to be a mixture of crocheting and knitting. As such, some techniques used in knitting are also applicable in Tunisian crochet.

Is an Afghan hook the same as a Tunisian crochet hook?

Tunisian crochet hooks are also called Afghan hooks. These are long crochet hooks that either have a stopper on one end (similar to a knitting needle), have a cable attached, or have a hook on both ends.

Does Tunisian crochet take more yarn than regular crochet?

Tunisian crochet takes slightly more yarn than regular crochet and about 26% more than knitting for the same surface. … That makes the fabric lighter and more malleable than fabric crocheted with the same yarn, but a smaller hook.

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Is Tunisian crochet easier than crochet?

Because of this, Tunisian crochet fabric has much more memory (can bounce back easier) when compared to traditional crochet. Edges: Tunisian crochet also has a natural, neat border on each edge of the fabric.

Can you use a regular crochet hook for Tunisian crochet?

In summary, you can technically do Tunisian crochet with a regular hook, but it’s best to purchase the right kind of tools—a long Afghan crochet hook for working rows and a double-ended or circular Tunisian crochet hook for working in the round. It’s wonderful that you want to give Tunisian crochet a try!

What is Tunisian crochet best for?

“I think Tunisian crochet works best for projects where you want a close stitch to create a consistent, subtly textured fabric,” Ranck adds. “The Tunisian simple stitch reminds me of woven fabric, so it’s great for blankets, shawls, and other instances where you might want a clean, woven look.”

Do you need a Tunisian crochet hook?

You can make larger projects with a long Tunisian crochet hook. … But, if your project is a huge afghan, then you might actually need a hook with a loooong cable in the end – to have room for all the loops on the hook.

What size Tunisian crochet hook should I use?

On average, they’re between 10″ and 14″. Beginners sometimes find shorter hooks easier to work with. However, you can make projects only as wide as the number of loops your hook can hold. If you want to make larger crochet projects, aim for the 14″ size or larger.

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How is Tunisian crochet different from knitting?

In knitting, we only cast off at the end of the project or the end of the piece in a project. In Tunisian crochet, we build up the loops on a long hook, but we also cast off after every row. This locks the stitches in place and prevents them from unraveling if you drop a stitch.

Is there another name for Tunisian crochet?

The origin of Tunisian crochet, also known as Afghan crochet, hook knitting, tricot crochet, hakking, railroad knitting, and shepherd’s knitting, is obscure. The name Tunisian and Afghan would indicate it began in the Near East or northern Africa. Not a lot of evidence can be found to substantiate this.

What uses more wool knitting or crocheting?

Crocheting takes 30% more yarn than knitting.

Is Tunisian crochet thick?

It was often called Afghan stitch and was used for making the thick blankets we call by that name. Because of working each row twice with different stitches Tunisian crochet makes a wonderfully thick fabric that is perfect for blankets and washcloths.

Is Tunisian crochet stretchy?

The fabric created by Tunisian crochet is thicker than traditional crochet, and less stretchy, so keep that in mind if you are creating a garment.

How fast is Tunisian crochet?

And this is my Tunisian crochet swatch.

With the exact same stitch count as the regular crochet swatch, that means each stitch took me on average 3.8 seconds to make. It used a total of 7 grams of yarn, and it measures 11 cm across x 11 cm tall. A perfect square, well done, Tunisian!

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