What was the seamstress doing?

Answer:A seamstress is a woman who makes her living in the sewing trade, or a female version of a tailor. Seamstresses mend all types of clothing and anything else made of fabric. They also create their own patterns and clothing, sometimes decorating them with detailed embroidery work.

What was the seamstress doing in the poor house?

Answers. She was stitching the clothes.

What does being a seamstress mean?

A seamstress is a woman who sews and makes clothes as her job.

What sort of work was the seamstress doing on a satin gown?

The woman was a seamstress. She is embroidering flowers on a satin gown for the loveliest of the Queen’s maids of honour, to wear at the next Court ball. In a bed in the corner of the room her little boy is lying ill. He has a fever, and is asking his mother to give him oranges.

Does a seamstress make clothes?

Seamstresses provide tailoring, alteration and custom sewing for clothing or costumes. … Many seamstresses can also custom-make clothing for you. To come up with the design, you can bring in a pattern you like or an item of clothing you want the seamstress to replicate, or ask the seamstress to create a pattern for you.

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What made the seamstress child relaxed?

The swallow with ruby in his beak went to the seamstress’s house. When he reached there, she had fallen asleep. So, the swallow kept the ruby on the table where she worked. … This made the boy feel relaxed and he went to sleep.

Why did the swallow not leave the Prince?

The little swallow did not leave the happy Prince and went to Egypt because it seemed to be touched by Prince’s kindness. The happy Prince sacrificed his eyes to help the poor and became blind. It thought of helping the poor with the help of the Prince.

What is the sentence of seamstress?

Seamstress sentence example. She is the best seamstress in Houston! I arranged to have their seamstress sew you one. This way she could save money and in any case, she considered herself a better seamstress than any professional upholsterer.

What is the male version of a seamstress?

Terminology. The term “seamstress” specifically refers to a female. The term for the male counterpart to a seamstress is “seamster.” The term “tailor” is gender neutral.

Is a seamstress a skilled trade?

Seamstresses alter, create, repair and restyle garments. They are skilled at both needle and thread sewing and using a sewing machine. … In fact, postsecondary training is optional, though specific trade skills are critical. Read below to find out more about this creative field.

How did the Swallow give comfort to the son of the seamstress?

The Happy Prince asked the swallow to take the ruby out of his sword, where it was hidden and give it to the seamstress, whose son was lying on the bed with fever. The swallow took the ruby and placed it on the table.

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Why was the little swallow filled with pity?

answer ❤ the swallow filled with pity because the eyes of the happy prince were filled with tears and tears were running down his golden cheecks . his face was beautiful in moon light.

Why did the swallow thank and kiss the prince?

Why did the swallow thank and kiss the Prince? Because the prince had taught him the true meaning of happiness. … It has a sad ending on earth but a happy ending in heaven.

Who is a seamstress?

A seamstress is a person whose job involves sewing clothing. You could be a seamstress if you hem your own pants, but most seamstresses work in factories sewing garments using sewing machines. Traditionally, a seamstress was a woman who sewed seams in clothes using a machine, or occasionally by hand.

What industry is a seamstress?

Seamstresses and tailors both work in the textile industry. Their jobs entail sewing, mending and altering clothes and garments made from various fabrics.

How do you become a seamstress?

How to become a seamstress

  1. Develop key skills. Before pursuing a seamstress career, it can be important to develop crucial technical skills to help you fulfill the job responsibilities more efficiently. …
  2. Consider vocational programs. …
  3. Gain relevant experience. …
  4. Earn certification. …
  5. Complete an apprenticeship.