You asked: How do you fix a hole in a knitted glove?

Starting at least a quarter-inch outside of the worn area, weave darning thread in and out of the purl bumps, reinforcing the worn area. Go up and down and back and forth until the worn area has the same density as the original knitting. Make sure not to pull too tight, or the fabric will be stiff and might pucker.

How do you fix holes in gloves?

How to Repair Work Gloves with Holes in the Fingers

  1. 1) Turn the gloves inside out and seam rip around the panel containing the hole.
  2. 2) Cut out the piece with the hole.
  3. 3) Using the piece with a hole as a pattern, cut out a new piece of leather (or fabric).

How do you fix a hole in a leather glove?

How to Fix Ripped Leather Gloves

  1. Put the glove onto your hand, exposing the torn leather. …
  2. Press the two sides of the leather together along the tear. …
  3. Remove the glove carefully, and allow the glue to set for 24 hours. …
  4. Place a small amount of leather filler around the tear to hide the mark.
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