How do I repair a hole in my hand knitting?

How do you fix a hole in a knitted glove?

Starting at least a quarter-inch outside of the worn area, weave darning thread in and out of the purl bumps, reinforcing the worn area. Go up and down and back and forth until the worn area has the same density as the original knitting. Make sure not to pull too tight, or the fabric will be stiff and might pucker.

How do you fix a hole in wool?

How to Repair Moth Holes in Wool Fabric

  1. Choose a thread that blends in with the material in your wool garment. …
  2. Thread a fine needle with a short length of thread.
  3. Turn your garment inside out to conceal your needlework. …
  4. When you are finished sewing, tie the mending thread on the inside of your fabric to secure the ends.
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