How do you do a vertical seam garter stitch?

What is a vertical seam?

2. Nail Hem Panels. These panels do have a raised interlocking seam on the edge of the panels which typically range from 12 – 24” in width. The raised seams are usually in the height range of 0.75 “ – 1.25”. Nail Hem Panels are characterized by a hidden fastening channel running the length of one edge of the panels.

What is a vertical seam bra?

Bra with vertical seams

The cups are made from 2 or more pieces of fabric which are folded or overlaid where they join at the seam, and this strip of thicker fabric is stronger than the single-layer fabric around it. That makes vertically-seamed bras very supportive, particularly if they have multiple vertical seams.

What is a mattress stitch?

The Mattress Stitch is a finishing technique for vertical seaming. It creates an invisible join between pieces worked in stockinette stitch or ribbing, perfect for so many things, such as sewing the front and back of a sweater together.

What is the difference between garter stitch and stockinette stitch?

Garter Stitch is worked by knitting all rows. It yields a sturdy and durable fabric that does not curl. … Stockinette is achieved by knitting one row, then purling one row, until length is achieved. It produces those iconic “V” shaped stitches and yields a smooth fabric.

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