How do you double crochet in the same stitch?

What does double crochet in the same stitch mean?

When you do a sc or dc in the same stitch as the slip stitch you are referring to the stitch from the first round or the previous row.

When you double crochet do you go through both loops?

Step 4: Bring the yarn over the crochet hook from back to front and draw through both loops on the hook (see illustration 30). You have now completed one double crochet; one loop remains on the hook (see illustration 31).

How do you crochet multiple stitches in one stitch?

Working out the multiple

V-stitch is made by working ‘1 double crochet, chain 1, 1 double crochet’ all in the same stitch then skipping 2 stitches and repeating the instructions. On the next row you work (1dc, ch1, 1dc) into the ch1-sp you made in the previous row.

How do you do 2dc in one stitch?

2dc [tutorial]

  1. Step 1: Yarn over, insert hook into the next space.
  2. Step 2: Yarn over again and pull through. …
  3. Step 3: Yarn over again and pull the yarn through the first 2 loops on your hook. …
  4. Step 4: Yarn over one final time and pull through the 2 loops on your hook.
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How do you count double crochet rows?

To count the rows: look at the sides of the swatch and count the double crochets from the bottom to the top. To count the stitches in your swatch, look at the double crochets along the row from left to right. Keep in mind, like in the above case, that the turning chain counts as a stitch.

What does double crochet look like?

What does double crochet look like? A double crochet is a tall stitch that includes a yarn over before inserting the hook into the stitch. It looks a lot like two loops stacked on top of each other, from the times you draw the yarn through the loop.

What does * 2dc?

2dc. (Insert hook in stitch, yoh and pull a loop through so that you have 2 loops on the hook. Yoh and pull through the 2 loops on the hook) twice. Double Crochet 3 Increase. 3dc.

What does SC mean in crochet?

Single Crochet – How to Single Crochet or ‘sc’

What does SP mean in crochet?

In short, sp means space. It is sometimes shown as sp(s), which means spaces. You also may see ch-sp, which means chain space. Sp or sp(s) means you will crochet into the space between stitches. Ch-sp means, when crocheting a chain, you will skip a stitch and work into the next.