How do you join the ends of yarn?

How do you join two pieces of yarn without a knot?

‘Double Up’ Join

You basically crochet a stitch or two with both your old and new yarns, then drop the old yarn and continue with just the new yarn. It’s very secure and quick.

What is the best way to join yarn in knitting?


  1. Lay your project out in front of you with the end of your old yarn tail pointing towards you. …
  2. Loop the old yarn under the new yarn so it looks similar to a number “4”.
  3. Guide the old yarn back to the left over the new yarn, and over itself.
  4. Loop the old yarn under itself and pull tightly on both its ends.

How do you join seamlessly yarn?

Simply lay your new yarn on top of the row or round you are working, and work over the new yarn for a few stitches. Pick up the new yarn at the bottom of your stitch and continue, working over the old yarn for a few stitches. You can either work the tail ends in as you go, or sew them in afterwards.

How do you join two pieces of knitting together?

How to knit two knitted pieces together

  1. Fold or put two pieces of knits in line with each other.
  2. Find 1st stitch of the back piece…
  3. …and pass it onto your left-hand needle.
  4. Knit 2 stitches (one from a back piece and one from the front piece) together. Now do the same with your other stitches.
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