How do you knit a heel gusset?

How do you knit a French heel?

Take 2 together, and turn. Slip 1, purl to the seam stitch, knit this, purl 5, purl 2 together. Continue these two rows thus until the whole of the stitches are knitted off, and 14 stitches remain for the top of the heel. The French heel is eminently suited to the high instep.

What is a gusset stitch?

Generally speaking, one stitch is picked up along the edge of the heel for every two rows of knitting. So, if you’ve slipped the first stitch of every heel flap row, you just pick up one new stitch in every edge stitch.

How do you reinforce a sock heel?

Reinforcing the parts of your socks that get the most wear will help prevent holes from forming and make your socks last longer. One great way to reinforce the toes and heels of your socks is to carry a strand of darning thread along with your sock yarn as you knit those sections of the sock.

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