How do you knit an afterthought heel?

How do you knit a afterthought heel?

Afterthought Heel: Prep

  1. After desired length cuff is worked, knit 2 rounds.
  2. Next Round: With waste yarn, knit half of stitches. These are your heel stitches.
  3. Slip the stitches just knit on waste yarn back onto left-hand needle.
  4. Re-knit the heel stitches with main yarn.

What is an afterthought heel in knitting socks?

The afterthought heel is added after the entire body of the sock is completed down to the toes. You can use it instead of a gusset heel. It is easy to replace once worn out; it also lends itself to the use of contrasting yarns for an interesting heel addition.

Where should afterthought heels be placed?

One type of heel is the ‘Afterthought Heel’. You finish the sock ‘tube’ first, either from toe to cuff or cuff to toe, and put in the heel afterwards.

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