How do you make a weaving mat with paper strips?

Do weaving with paper strips?

Weave your paper strips (weft) into the cut strips (warp) “over” one and “under” one. The next paper strip will be “under” one then “over” one. Push the strips gently down all the way to the bottom. Continue until the paper slits are filled in with the strips.

What is mat weaving made of?

The weaving process involves a cotton warp with individual strands of grass inserted by hand. This is the traditional style of weaving the mat, done on a simple frame. A flat piece of wood is used to pack it in place. The grass is dampened to make it supple before inserting it in the weft.

What are paper strips?

The paper strips are rolled, looped, curled, twisted, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. These shapes are then used to decorate items like greeting cards, pictures, boxes, envelops, frames, and a lot of other things. In fact it is even used to create items like jewelry or models of things.

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