How do you organize a scrapbook?

How do I organize my scrapbook?

Chronologically. One of the most obvious ways to scrapbook is chronologically. Start the day your child is born and just scrapbook their life as it happens. This is a great way to organize a scrapbook and works perfectly for people who like things a specific way.

How do you categorize a scrapbook?

The best way to organize scrapbook paper within storage boxes

  1. color (this is for paper that has a light pattern and no real design)
  2. stripes.
  3. dots.
  4. animals.
  5. food/cooking/kitchen (a smaller category, but one that I had enough paper for)
  6. music.
  7. vintage.
  8. decorative (for paintable paper, shimmer, and lace)

Should scrapbooks be in chronological order?

It may seem revolutionary, but scrapbooks don’t have to be done in chronological order. Remember that these memories are your stories, so you get to tell them however you wish.

How do you sort pictures for scrapbooking?

Starting with the most recent photos is usually easiest for her. After that “sort by decade if you have photos going back 40 or 50 years,” she said. “Then go into each decade and put them into some sort of order from there.” Make sure you choose the best photos for your scrapbook, and consider shredding outtakes.

How do you store old photos in a box?

Storing Old Photos

Store large quantities of photos by layering them between sheets of acid-free paper in metal or cardboard boxes marked acid-free. Large photo archive boxes can be easily stacked in a cabinet or closet, or even slid under a bed if storage space is at a premium.

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How do you organize photos and memorabilia?

5 Tips For Organizing Photos and Memorabilia

  1. Decide What to Keep. Chances are one of the motivations behind organizing your memorabilia is the need to free up storage space. …
  2. Plan Your Storage. …
  3. Give Yourself Time. …
  4. Get the Whole Family Involved. …
  5. Make It Digital.