How do you put a border on a knitted blanket?

Can you add a border to a knit blanket?

There are three different ways to add a knitted border to the edge of a knitted item. You can knit the border separately and sew it on, you can pick up stitches along the length of an edge and knit the border from the picked up stitches, or you can knit the border and attach it to the edge one row at a time.

Can I put a crochet border on a knitted blanket?

If you’re going to crochet the edge around a knitted piece:

Hold your knitted piece with the right side facing you. You’re going to start your row of single crochet somewhere in the middle of your bind-off row. … You can do this by crocheting two stitches in the same stitch if you need more stitches.

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