How do you sew a men’s shirt?

What order do you sew a shirt?

Sew a straight stitch down the entire right side of the shirt, working from the tip of the underarm seam straight down to the bottom opening. Repeat on the left side of the shirt when finished. Pin down the sleeves and sides before stitching them together; otherwise, the material may shift as you work.

How hard is it to sew at shirt?

Sewing a t-shirt is quick and easy (once you have a pattern that you know you love), and is a great project for when you need something quick to sew that will still yield fabulous results.

How long does it take to sew a shirt with a sewing machine?

Formal wear takes about 12-16 hours of sewing time as there are so many steps involved. I don’t rush projects. I can usually make a pillowcase in about an hour from start to finish & a T-shirt in about 2 hours.

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