How do you single crochet 2 together decrease?

How do you crochet two single crochets together?

Step 1: Insert your crochet hook into the next stitch in the row. Step 2: Yarn over. Step 3: Pull the yarn through the stitch on your crochet hook. You should now have two stitches on your crochet hook.

What does single crochet two stitches together mean?

‘sc2tog’ means to use single crochet to join two stitches together. It is a way to decrease (make the item smaller.) Insert hook into stitch and draw up a loop. Insert hook into next stitch and draw up a loop. Yarn over, draw through all 3 loops on hook.

How do you decrease in single crochet?

Insert the hook into the next stitch and yarn over. Pull a loop through so that there are now 3 loops on the hook. …and pull the loop through all 3 loops on the hook. And that’s all there is to the single crochet decrease!

How do you crochet two together?

So to recap, a double crochet stitch is:

  1. Yarn over.
  2. Insert hook into the stitch where you want to place the dc stitch.
  3. Yarn over again.
  4. Pull through.
  5. Yarn over again.
  6. Pull through the first two of three loops on hook.
  7. Yarn over again.
  8. Pull through the remaining two loops on hook.

What does Slst mean in crochet?

sl st = slip stitch

To work a slip stitch into a chain stitch, first make a foundation chain of desired length, insert hook in last chain of foundation chain. Yarn over, draw yarn through chain and the loop on your hook in one motion (slip stitch made).

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How do you decrease a crochet pattern?

To make an amigurumi design smaller, you can use lighter yarn, together with a smaller hook. Choose a hook size that gives you a nice firm fabric without large gaps between stitches – as you do with all amigurumi patterns.