Is Cascade Yarn ethically sourced?

The ecological yarns are undyed, which makes them eco friendly. As a distributor Cascade Yarns primarily visit the mills, and use the ones they find to have acceptable working conditions, but do not visit the farms themselves.

Where is Cascade yarn from?

The real estate market in Seattle changed and Cascade Yarns has moved 4 times, but the dedication to quality and value in the yarn remains. In the 1980’s most premium yarns came from England or Italy. Bob looked instead to South America.

What is the most ethical yarn?

5 Eco-Friendly Yarn Options

  1. Tencel Yarn. Although not easy to find, this is one of the best eco-friendly yarns for knitting and crochet. …
  2. Silk Yarn. Silk yarn can be made in an eco-friendly way. …
  3. Alpaca Yarn. Many animal fibers need a lot of chemicals to process them into yarn. …
  4. Food Yarn. …
  5. Organic Yarn.

Who makes Cascade Yarn?

This light worsted/DK yarn is crafted from 100% Superwash Peruvian Highland Wool, meaning it’s machine washable, making it great for all ages and skill levels.

Product Attributes for Cascade 220 Superwash Yarn.

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Gauge (sts. / inch): 5-5.5 Physical Weight: 100g
Specific Fiber: 100% Superwash wool US Needle: 6-7

What is ethical yarn?

It’s wool that’s been humanely removed from sheep (and other animals). It’s cruelty-free wool. It’s also wool that’s been sourced from fair trade sources (where not just the animals, but humans are also treated fairly).

Where is berroco yarn made?

Now operating on the site of the old Lonsdale Cotton Mill (1904) in North Smithfield, Rhode Island, Berroco continues the family tradition, providing quality textiles by continually adapting to the changing needs of the times.

What weight is Cascade Ecological Wool?


Fiber Content 100% Peruvian Wool
Weight Bulky, Worsted
Gauge 3.5-4 sts = 1″ on US 9-10; 2.25-2.75 sc = 1″ with K-L hook
Weight/Yardage 250g/478yd
Care Hand Wash

Is New Zealand wool ethical?

New Zealand, for instance, is the world leader in ethical wool production. Not only do sheep far outnumber the people there, but the country’s Animal Welfare Act strictly prohibits mulesing. Outside New Zealand, artisanal-scale wool processing facilities have opened up around the world.

Is yarn bad for the environment?

Because these yarns contain no synthetic materials, manufacturing them has no negative impact on the environment. They are spun from their natural base fibers, often, by hand with no factories or fuels needed. After being discarded, natural yarns biodegrade within as little as 5 months.

Is acrylic yarn environmentally friendly?

Like many synthetic fabrics and fibers, acrylic yarn is not environmentally friendly. The process of manufacturing acrylonitrile, the main chemical in acrylic yarns, has a significant carbon footprint. The petroleum products used in manufacturing are not sustainable, and the product itself may be carcinogenic.

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Who makes Patons yarn?

Patons® Yarn is a yarn brand owned by Spinrite, a Canadian yarn manufacturer.

Is Cascade Pacific yarn worsted weight?

Pacific® is a worsted weight, affordable, completely machine washable yarn in a huge range of colors. It’s an unbelievably soft acrylic and wool blend, and has a lustrous sheen which gives depth to the many hues that are available in this yarn.

What is a sport weight yarn?

Sport weight yarn is a fine weight of yarn used for knitting and crochet projects. Sometimes called double knitting (DK), it’s the third thinnest yarn after lace and baby weight yarns, and just under worsted in thickness. … It is a popular yarn for creating thin sweaters.

Why is wool farming cruel?

Cruelty. But nothing could be further from the truth. Sheep are specifically bred to produce more wool, which can lead to myriad problems. … “This unnatural overload of wool causes animals to die of heat exhaustion during hot months, and the wrinkles also collect urine and moisture.

Can vegans wear wool?

To put it simply, wool is not vegan. By definition (1) vegans do not participate in any form of exploitation of animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose. This makes wool firmly not vegan.

How cruel is the wool industry?

In the case of sheep, after they are used for wool, many are exported for slaughter. PETA reports, “Every year, around 3 million sheep undergo the cruelty of live export from Australia to the Middle East and North Africa. … The voyage can last days or even weeks, and the sheep can be exposed to all weather extremes.”

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