Is knitting tighter in the round?

It is very common for the knit stitch to be tighter than the purl stitch, so when you eliminate the purl rows by knitting in the round, the gauge often tightens up significantly.

Is knitting in the round tighter than knitting flat?

If you’re like me you might get a different gauge when you knit in the round than when you are knitting flat, this usually means that you have a different tension when you purl as opposed to when you knit. So in order to get an accurate gauge swatch you will need to work in the round when you are swatching.

How does knitting in the round affect gauge?

Since you’re knitting in rounds, not rows, your knitting tension and gauge can be affected. This means your final gauge measurement could be off, resulting in a too small/too large piece.

How do you knit in the round without a ladder?

5 Ways to Avoid “Ladders” When Knitting in the Round

  1. Pull Taut on the Second Stitch. Many knitters pull tightly on the first stitch of the new needle, and that can solve the problem. …
  2. Don’t Pull Too Tightly Before Moving to a New Needle. …
  3. Keep the Stitches Close Together. …
  4. Use a Different Fiber. …
  5. Block It.
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How do I get more stitches per inch?


  1. The THICKER the yarn, the FEWER stitches per inch.
  2. The LARGER (THICKER) the needle, the BIGGER the stitches.
  3. The BIGGER the stitches, the FEWER stitches per inch.
  4. The THINNER the yarn, the MORE stitches per inch.
  5. The SMALLER(THINNER) the needle, the SMALLER the stitches.

Is stitch or row gauge more important?

The short answer to the question of what to do is that stitch gauge is nearly always the more important one, and you shouldn’t stress if your row gauge doesn’t match up.

What if my knitting gauge is off?

If your gauge is off, your project will not match the pattern’s finished measurements and you may not be happy with the fit. For that reason, we recommend that you always swatch for your projects. You might even learn to love it! This swatch is 7″ square and has been knitted flat with garter edges.

Does row gauge matter in knitting?

But why does row gauge matter? Row gauge isn’t a formality; it actually serves a purpose. NOT checking row gauge can leave you with a sweater that doesn’t fit the way it should (and can potentially cause you to run out of yarn). It’s especially important in top-down sweaters.