Question: How do you finish a C2C crochet?

How do you add a border in c2c?

First round of border:

  1. You will start with a slip stitch around your hook as normal.
  2. Insert your hook through a gap between two of your squares as pictured. …
  3. Ch 2 and sc in the next gap between squares.
  4. Continue to ch 2 and sc in each gap across until you reach a corner. …
  5. Join with sl st to first sc.

How do you know when to start decreasing in c2c?

Any corner to corner crochet project will always begin with increase rows. You’ll increase by one tile per diagonal row until your desired dimensions are reached and then you’ll begin decreasing.

How do you do Graphghans?

Graphghans (afghans made from graphs) are a pretty simple concept: lay out your design in a graph, then stitch it up. Each square of your graph represents a block or stitch. If you’ve ever worked from a colorwork knitting chart or dabbled in cross-stitch, you get the idea.

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