Question: What is sock stitch?

The structure of the sock fabric consists of loops arranged in rows and columns. A horizontal row of loops, produced by adjacent needles during the same knitting cycle, is known as a “course.” The “course count” is the number of courses per unit length (inches or centimeters).

Why is it called Kitchener Stitch?

During the First World War it is said that Herbert Kitchener, British Secretary of State for War, prompted the invention of a special graft for socks to prevent chafing. It came to be known as ‘the Kitchener Stitch’.

What is sock yarn used for?

Sock yarn is knitting yarn used to knit socks. Sock yarns are available in different types and thicknesses. The thicker the yarn used, the thicker the finished knitted socks will be. Some knitters look for discount yarn to use for knitting socks.

What is an instep stitch?

The instep is knit on half of the total number of stitches, from the side edge of the heel down to the toe in the center of the leg piece. You work the top of the toe at the end of the instep, which you seam with the bottom of the toe after you finish knitting.

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What does graft mean in knitting?

Grafting (also called kitchener stitch) is a technique used to join two pieces of knitting without any seam by joining together the live stitches of each piece.

What is sock yarn made of?

Most often when you think about sock yarn, you’re probably thinking about a yarn that is a blend of some kind of wool (Merino or Bfl for example) and some synthetic fibre such as nylon or acrylic. These kinds of yarns are a popular choice for socks as they tend to be durable and hard wearing.

What is the best sock wool?

The Best Sock Yarns for Knitting

  1. Patons Kroy Socks Yarn. Made of 75% wool and 25% nylon, this yarn is a quintessential choice for sock-making projects. …
  2. Lion Brand Yarn Sock-Ease Yarn. …
  3. Premier Yarns Mallard Wool-Free Sock Yarn. …
  4. Regia Arne&Carlos Design Line. …
  5. Malabrigo Sock Aniversario.

What size yarn is sock yarn?

Sock/fingering weight yarn is used most often for sock knitting and infant items. The Standard Yarn Weight System classifies it as #1 Superfine. It is commonly worked at a gauge of 6-8 stitches per inch on a US 2-4 needle. Fingering weight yarn is also popular for shawls and scarves.

What are the instep stitches on a sock?

The top of the foot, which is worked at the same time, is known as the instep. Pattern stitches from the leg are often continued on the instep, but not always.

What is the back of a sock called?

Re: Construcion Of A Sock

The heel turn is the part of the socks that the bottom or flat part of your heel sits on. It is like a small cup that the heel sits in on your sock. There is a particular way a heel is turned and the technique uses what is called short row knitting.

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What is Kitchener stitch used for?

The kitchener stitch is a way to graft live stitches together creating a seamless join. It’s often used to close up the toes of socks or shoulder seams, (among other things).