Should I implant a mosaic embryo?

Depending on the chromosome involved, and the proportion of abnormal cells, mosaicism could lead to embryos that cannot implant, that miscarry or that result in pregnancies with abnormalities (mosaicism confined to the placenta has been associated with abnormal growth of the fetus).

Do mosaic embryos take longer to implant?

3) Mosaic embryos are less likely to implant in the uterus. The more abnormal cells there are compared to normal cells, the lower the likelihood of implanting.

Do mosaic embryos self correct?

Mosaic embryos may be self-correcting, with aneuploid cells becoming apoptotic or locating ultimately in the trophectoderm (embryonic placenta).

What are the chances of a mosaic embryo implanting?

Our study revealed that 46.4% of mosaic embryos yielded a live birth outcome, consistent with the 40% ongoing implantation rate reported in a previous study [23].

Do mosaic embryos have birth defects?

When fertilized, a mosaic embryo sometimes mistakes in cell division occur and cause abnormal cell lines. If these abnormal cells persists, it can cause miscarriages or, in some rare occasions, serious birth defects.

How successful are mosaic embryos?

Result(s): Globally, mosaic embryos showed inferior clinical outcomes compared with euploid embryos. Aneuploid cell percentage in trophectoderm biopsies did not correlate with outcomes, but type of mosaicism did, as embryos with single mosaic segmental aneuploidies fared better than all other types.

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Should I transfer a high level mosaic?

Mosaic embryos are also more likely to result in miscarriages and potentially even live born abnormal babies. The bottom line is that if you have a euploid normal embryo it is best to transfer that one since that will result in the highest chance of a normal healthy pregnancy and baby.

Can a mosaic embryo result in healthy baby?

Abstract. Mosaic embryos have the potential to implant and develop into healthy babies.

Do mosaic embryos work?

The next several years will be an exciting time as laboratory and clinical studies help to further elucidate this conundrum of how to diagnose mosaicism and what to do with the embryos deemed to be mosaic or at risk of mosaicism.

What is a low level mosaic embryo?

A low-level mosaic embryo would have mostly normal cells and a lower percentage of abnormal cells. A high-level mosaic embryo would have mostly abnormal cells and a lower percentage of normal cells. An important point to make is that mosaicism happens after fertilization, that is after the egg and sperm meet.

Why is mosaicism bad?

Mosaicism can low the accuracy of single cell PGD results. And it can happen even after the biopsy if the embryo was exposed to inadequate conditions. It is unlikely this group of embryo can implant.

Can poor quality embryos become healthy babies?

Many studies have shown a strong association between embryo morphology, implantation, and clinical pregnancy rates. In theory, the poor quality embryo has potential for a successful pregnancy.

Does embryo grading matter after PGS?

Capalbo et al. (2014) found no difference in ongoing pregnancy between grades (about 50% for each category). However, their sample size was small. It’s not clear why embryo grades have an impact on IVF with PGS success rates when they’re determined to be euploid.

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