What Does a yarn count ultimately tell us?

In textiles, yarn count is a number that represents the diameter or fineness of a yarn, either in terms of weight by length or length by weight. The direct system measures the weight of a consistent length of yarn, with a higher yarn count indicating a heavier and coarser yarn.

What does the count of yarn tell us?

The yarn count is a numerical expression which defines its fineness or coarseness. It also expresses weather the yarn is thick or thin. A definition is given by the textile institute – “Count is a number which indicates the mass per unit length or the length per unit mass of yarn.”

What is yarn count in knitting?

The yarn count expresses the thickness of the yarn, and must be known before calculating the quantity of yarns for a known length of fabric. The yarn count number indicates the length of yarn in relation to the weight. … The fixed length system and the Tex system are based on metric weights and measures.

What is a good yarn count?

A good base yarn count number starts somewhere in the 100s, but if you are seeking a maximum standard, yarn count can move up further, towards 200. But, any yarn count above 140 should be adequately soft to the touch.

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Why is quality of yarn important?

Yarn density has a great influence on the appearance, handle, weight and mechanical properties of the fabric, so it is necessary to select a reasonable yarn density according to different uses. For example, outerwear fabrics in winter should be heavy, wear-resistant, insulated, and made of medium-Tex or high-Tex yarns.

How do you count yarn counts?

The direct system is calculated with the formula N = (W/l) / (L/w). The indirect system uses the formula: N = (L/w) / (W/l). In these formulas, N is the yarn count, W is the weight of a sample of yarn, l is the unit of length, L is the length of the sample, and w is the unit of weight.

What is universal count?

The universal counter is used for measuring time, frequency, pulse rates, pulse counting, periodic times, speeds and velocities.

What is count and its types?

Count or yarn count is a numerical expression which indicates the coarseness or fineness of a yarn. In other words, yarn count is a number indicating the mass per unit lengh or the length per unit mass of the yarn.

What is count system?

In a direct yarn counting system, the yarn number or count is the weight of a unit length of yarn. This means the higher the yarn count number, the heavier or thicker the yarn. It is fixed length system. This system is generally used for jute or silk yarn. … e.g. 30D indicates that 9000 meters of yarn weight 30 grams.

How many types of count are there?

There are five variants of COUNT functions: COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTBLANK, COUNTIF, and COUNTIFS. We need to use the COUNTIF function or COUNTIFS function if we want to count only numbers that meet specific criteria. If we wish to count based on certain criteria, then we should use COUNTIF.

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What is 40s count yarn?

Cotton Count is defined as the number of 840 yards length of yarns in one pound. It means that the number of yarns of 840 yards length required weighing one pound. … For example, a 40’s yarn is two times finer than a 20’s yarn. The yarn count of a regular T-shirt made of single jersey fall in between 20 to 40.

What is 60s yarn count?

ㅤㅤIn layman’s terms, one or two cottons are spun into a 40-meter-long cotton yarn, which is called 40s; and a 60-meter-long yarn is 60s. It can be seen that the higher the count, the thinner the yarn. When weaving, multiple strands will be used to weave together, so the higher the count, the thicker the fabric will be.

What is warp yarn count?

The number of warp yarns per one inch or centimeter of fabric. This is also called sley, warp end count, ends per inch, or ends per centimeter.

How yarn quality is measured?

Fabric property is dependent on yarn quality and yarn quality depends upon its certain physical properties like yarn strength, unevenness, heaviness and geometrical parameters like diameter. … There are two traditional methods used for yarn diameter measurement viz., rod method and traveling microscope method.

Is higher yarn count better?

The count is the standard of yarn thickness. The higher the yarn count, the finer the yarn, and the thinner the cloth, the softer and more comfortable it is.

How do you calculate yarn count in GSM?

‘GSM’ means ‘Gram per square meter’ that is the weight of fabric in gram per one square meter.

Relation Among Yarn Count, Machine Gauge & Fabric GSM:

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G.S.M. Count Gauge
140 30 s 24 gg
150 28 s 24 gg
160 26 s 24 gg
170 24 s 24 gg