What does PRS mean in crochet?

What does PR stand for in crochet?

pr = punto raso. half double crochet = hdc. half treble crochet = htr.

What does SPS crochet mean?

Sp or sp(s) means that you will crochet into the space between stitches in the row above. Either one space or multiple spaces, depending on which abbreviation is shown. … Ch-sp means that, when crocheting a chain, you will skip a stitch and work into the next.

What is PB crochet?

single crochet (sc) punto bajo (pb) half double crochet (hdc)

What are the abbreviations used in crocheting?

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Abbreviation Description
dc2tog double crochet 2 stitches together
dec decrease
dtr double treble crochet
edc extended double crochet

What does Yoh mean in crochet?

crochet. Wrap the yarn from back to front over the hook (or hold the yarn still and maneuver the hook). This movement of the yarn over the hook is used over and over again in crochet and is usually called “yarn over”, abbreviated as “yoh”.

What is PSN in crochet?

Puff Stitch or ‘ps’ – How to Crochet.

What does TCH mean in crochet?

tch = Turn Chain :: Crochet Technique :: New Stitch a Day. Menu. Abbreviations. The Turn Chain.

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What does CH 2 SP mean in crochet?

Ch-2 sp means chain-2 space OR the space/hole created by a chain-2 from the previous row. All you need to do when you get to that part is to insert your crochet hook into the hole (vs. the top of a stitch) and work your dc.

What does SM mean in crochet?

sc2tog: single crochet 2 stitches together. sh: shell. sk: skip. sl st: slip stitch. sm/sl m: slip marker.

What is Alt CH in crochet?

The alternative double crochet (ALT DC) chain is a great technique to avoid holes at the end of your double crochet projects. … Then you enter a Sc directly on top of the last stitch made, chain one, then, using the left leg of your single crochet stitch, make another single crochet.

What does CS mean in crochet?

The Camel Stitch (CS) is where you work a Half Double Crochet (HDC) in the Third Loop of the previous row. When working in the round, like hats or ear warmers, the third loop is found behind the top loops that you normally crochet in. This pushes the top loops to the front of your work like a braid.

What does PC mean in crochet?

This popcorn crochet stitch really pops! The popcorn stitch (abbreviated pop or pc) is a nicely rounded, compact oval that stands out from the fabric. It takes a bit more time to make than other raised stitches, but it’s well worth the effort.