What does RPT mean in knitting?

Like the Right Twist, the Right Purl Twist stitch creates a mock cable, crossing one stitch over the stitch to its right.

What do the abbreviations means in knitting?

k means a knit stitch (passing through the previous loop from below) and p means a purl stitch (passing through the previous loop from above). Thus, “k2, p2”, means “knit two stitches, purl two stitches”. Similarly, sl st describes a slip stitch, whereas yarn-overs are denoted with yo. scope of stitch.

What is right stitch?

The right twist stitch is a mock cable technique that allows you to simulate a cable without the use of a cable needle. Also known as: mock cable.

What does KTBL mean in knitting?

Knit thru back loop (ktbl or even kb) is a great way to add a little decoration or make ribbing look crisper.

What does purl 1 tbl mean?

(P TBL) means to purl through the back loop & (K TBL) means to knit through back loop! So, instead of knitting and purling through the front part of the loop as you normally would…you will just go through the back side of the loop! Easy peasy!

What does knit 2 together mean?

Knit two together is the most basic method of decreasing stitches. It makes a decrease that slants slightly to the right and is often abbreviated as K2Tog or k2tog in patterns. To “knit two together” is just like making a regular knit stitch, but you work through two stitches instead of just one.

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What does CS mean in knitting?

2 stitches increased) {CS} Chain Selvedge: See pattern’s Special Techniques for full description. CDD. Central Double Decrease: Slip two stitches from left to right needle at the same time as if to k2tog, knit one from left needle, pass the slipped stitches over stitch just worked. (

What is a St st in knitting?

When you repeat a knit row and then a purl row for a number of rows, your are creating a pattern called stockinette stitch. This is abbreviated St st.