What does stitching line mean?

The line where the fabric pieces will be stitched together. When matching up pattern pieces or making pattern adjustments, it is essential to match or adjust the stitching line, not the cutting edge.

What is the difference between the cutting line and the stitching line?

Seamline is the line that you sew along, usually 5⁄8 inch in from the cutting line (outermost edge of the pattern piece that you cut along). Seam allowance is the distance between the cutting line and the seamline.

What does fold line mean?

Fold line. The folded edge of the fabric or the mark on a pattern piece which indicates where it should be positioned on the fabric.

What is the symbol of grain line?

Grainline Mark – This mark is a horizontal line with arrows pointing out on either end; line this up with the grain of your fabric as you position your pattern pieces. (The grain of your fabric is parallel to the selvage edges).

What is cutting line used for?

Engineers use cutting plane lines on the plans they are drawing up to differentiate what is inside an object and what lies outside it. The cutting plane line bisects the object and provides a view of its interior features.

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What is facing and interfacing?

A shaped facing is a separate piece of fabric cut from a pattern to the same shape and on the same grain as the garment edge it will finish. Interfacing should be applied to the facing piece of fabric, prior to any stitching. … Stitch the facing together at the shoulder seams.

What are sewing pattern symbols?

Sewing pattern symbols are used to help you achieve accurate results when cutting, matching pieces and sewing. They do vary slightly between designers but these are some universally used sewing symbols to help you get started.

How are you going to cut bias facing?

Line up the raw edge of the bias strip with the raw edge of the neckline, and begin pinning around the neckline, easing the strip as you go. When you reach the folded edge of the bias strip where you started, overlap it by 1” and then cut off the remaining bias strip.

What does place on fold mean in sewing?

Place on Fold Line

This line indicates that the edge of the pattern piece must be placed on a fold of the fabric. The edge of the pattern piece is usually indicated as a broken line, to remind you not to cut on that edge.

What are notches used for in sewing?

Pattern notches are small marks made on the pattern to ensure that one pattern piece will match up to the pattern next to it. They can be used to show what the value of the seam allowance is, and can also be used as markers along a seam to make sure that the two pieces of fabric will come together correctly when sewn.

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What does self mean in sewing?

Self-fabric, in sewing, is a fabric piece or embellishment made from the same fabric as the main fabric, as opposed to contrast fabric. Self-fabric used for some pattern pieces such as facings and linings to produce clean garment lines and make the fabric piece blend in with the rest of the garment.

What does cutting on the grain mean?

Look closely at a piece of meat and you’ll see that the long muscle fibers run parallel to one another. Cutting across the grain means to slice perpendicular to the fibers, so the fibers in the cut pieces of meat become much shorter, making it easier to chew them.

Is grain line parallel to selvage?

The line of fabric that moves at a right angle to the crosswise grain is the lengthwise grainline. This thread runs the entire length of the fabric and is parallel to the selvage. … Unless otherwise noted, grain or grainline generally refers to the lengthwise grain.