What is a curling coach for Quilling?

Just like a quilling template on a workboard, this feature is ideal for mass quilling or flower making when you want all your petals to be the exact same size.

What is the quilling tool called?

Needle Quilling Tool

The needle tool is one of the most widely used quilling tools. It allows you to make small centers in rolls and scrolls which produces more attractive quilling. It is a necessity for the beginner and the experienced quiller.

What do you need for quilling art?


  1. Quilling paper: 1/8″, standard width. Quilling tool needle tool or slotted tool.
  2. Ruler. Scissors. Tweezers. …
  3. Plastic lid to use as a glue palette.
  4. T-pin, paper piercing tool, or round toothpick. Glass-head straight pins. …
  5. Damp cloth to keep fingers free of glue.

Does Cricut make a quilling tool?

Create impressively smooth, tight spirals with the Quilling Tool. For a textured effect on paper edges, use the quick and easy Edge Distresser.

What is a quilling strip?

Quilling or paper filigree is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. … Quilling starts with rolling a strip of paper into a coil and then pinching the coil into shapes that can be glued together.

Is quilling hard to learn?

Paper quilling is the art of rolling narrow strips of paper into coils or scrolls, and arranging them to form intricate layers or filigree. … Paper quilling is not a very difficult skill to master – you can get a lot done just with a few simple tools.

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What weight paper is best for quilling?

Pre-cut strips will usually come in an acid-free paper in the appropriate weight. If you are cutting your own strips, I would recommend starting with paper that weighs 120 gsm (grams per square meter) as it is ideal for rolling and creating shapes. However, you can use anything from 80 to 160 gsm for paper quilling.