What is Anna Quindlen claim in a quilt of a Country quizlet?

Conflicting or not harmonious. Consisting of many ethnic and cultural groups. What is Anna Quindlen’s claim in “A quilt of s country” Summarizes her claim in your own words. Anna Quindlen’s claims we are all different but we are always united as a country.

What is the main message in a quilt of a country?

In essence, the author is stating that the degree of diversity that exists in the United States is much greater than any other country in the world. Any time there is a lot of diversity, there is the potential for problems.

What evidence does Quindlen use to restate your claim?

(Quindlen, Lines 88-91) There is a lot more to accepting others than tolerating them. What evidence does Quindlen use to restate her claim? She talks about how the photographs of those who died in the World Trade Center destruction are put together in one place.

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What is the main idea of a quilt of a Country by Anna Quindlen?

In Quindlen’s words, “When it works, it’s a wonder.” The theme of a Quilt if a Country is that we need to work together with others for the good of the country. When America works week together, it is a wonder.

How does Anna Quindlen use Paradox to advance her purpose?

How does Anna Quindlen use paradox to advance her purpose in “A Quilt of a Country”? … Paradox enables the writer to respond to opposing viewpoints more effectively. By calling attention to the contrasting ideas that America was founded upon, the writer reinforces her main idea.

What is the claim Quindlen is making in this essay?

In “A Quilt of a Country”, Anna Quindlen’s claim is America is like a quilt. Anna Quindlen states, “America is an improbable idea, a mongrel nation built of ever-changing disparate parts”(paragraph 1). … Just like a quilt, America is made up of different races, ethnicity, and cultures.

Why is Quindlen reluctant to define anything remotely resembling a national character What qualities does she propose are essentially American explain?

Why is Quindlen reluctant to define “anything remotely resembling a national character”? “The idea that the United States is ‘a mongrel nation,’ the result of many different ethnic groups that become unified as one, makes it pointless to try and isolate any one group as uniquely American.”

What viewpoint does Quindlen suggesting By using this description vanilla pudding in connection with successful coexistence?

What viewpoint does Quindlen suggest by using this description in connection with successful coexistence? “Tolerance is a vanilla pudding word.” It is much more needed to become a community. Lines 97-103: What evidence does Quindlen use to restate her claim?

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What is the thesis statement of a quilt of a Country?

Paraphrase this thesis statement: The author is claiming that America is made up of many, very diverse parts, but all these parts are united under their identities as Americans. Interpret the author’s choices that contribute to the persuasiveness of the text.

How is America similar to a quilt?

According to “A Quilt of a Country,” how is the United States similar to a quilt? It is patched together from dissimilar parts. … Americans accept new immigrants because they are a reminder of how Americans’ immigrant ancestors adapted to American life. An antonym is a word that means nearly the opposite of another word.

What is the author’s purpose in here is New York?

The main idea of this long essay by a man closely associated with New York City (as the author of the New Yorker’s Talk of the Town and frequent contributor to this quintessential New York magazine) is to celebrate New York (Manhattan) in all its diversity.

What effects does the symbol have on the meaning in here is New York by EB White?

What effect does the symbol have on the meaning in “Here Is New York” by E.B. White? The commuter is the queerest bird of all. The suburb he inhabits has no essential vitality of its own and is a mere roost where he comes at day’s end to go to sleep.