You asked: How do you decrease a raglan in knitting?

What does Dec mean in knitting?

dec: Decrease or decreasing – by working 2 or more stitches together. Instructions will state how many stitches are to be decreased and quite often will have a row or rows set out to show how the stitches should be decreased.

How do you decrease a knitting point?

Central Decrease

  1. Knit across to the point you want your decrease to be.
  2. Insert the tip of your right needle through the next two stitches on your left needle, knit wise.
  3. Slip these stitches off the left needle.
  4. Knit the next stitch as normal.

What is Raglan shaping in knitting?

Raglan shaping is usually worked from the top-down and involves a long, slanted (or sometimes curved) seam running from the neck to the underarm. Raglans have no shoulder seam; the expanding sleeve cap becomes the shoulder of the garment. … The raglan style is a popular choice for sewn garments as well.

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