You asked: Is there a Ravelry for sewing patterns?

Is there a sewing site like Ravelry?

The most obvious contender is Pattern Review. It’s been around longer than Ravelry and has a huge data base. It’s the first place I turn when I hope to find some information about a pattern I might sew.

Is there an app for sewing patterns?

ANDROID Sewing Apps

Sew Awesome app: App helps sewers track all their sewing essentials. Sewing Pattern Buddy: App designed to bring your entire pattern collection to your fingertips. Free motion Quilting Idea App: App has tutorials for 16 different all over free motion quilting designs.

How many members does Ravelry have?

As of March 2020, Ravelry had almost 9 million registered users, and approximately 1 million monthly active users.

Does Ravelry have quilting patterns?

Ravelry: Patchwork Quilt pattern by Debbie Abrahams.

Which app is best for learning stitching?

XStitcher App

Overview: Organize your embroidery floss with XStitcher. Available from Coffee Shop Works for iPhone and iPad and Ironware Development for Android, this sewing app is perfect for cross stitchers or embroiderers who want to know what floss they have and what they need with colors and names.

How do you keep track of sewing patterns?

Sew Buddy. This app can keep track of all your fabrics, threads, notions, and patterns. You can take pictures with your camera and upload or use saved images.

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Is there an app for fabric?

Cora helps fabric lovers stay organized and sew their stashes. With Cora, whether you’re out and about shopping for patterns or planning a project in bed, your fabric stash is always with you. Sort and search to sew up treasures you already have. Add up to 5 fabrics for free before you upgrade!

What’s wrong with Ravelry?

Soon after the new design went live, a user complained that the site was responsible for migraine headaches. This was followed by an Instagram post: “Warning: Ravelry may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy as well as migraines.

Where can I get free Ravelry patterns?


  1. Visit the Patterns tab in the top navigation.
  2. Enter a search term in the box (I typed in “scarf”)
  3. Filter your results by. craft (“knitting”) gender / age / size / fit. ravelry designer. …
  4. Scroll back up to the top of your page to see your filtered knitting project selections.

What’s happened to Ravelry?

So what happens now? It’s clear Ravelry is not currently interested in making more changes to support people who say the site is now unusable, leaving them needing to find alternatives (I’ve shared a post here with some information; there are even more details and options on this post from WIP Insanity.