Your question: Why is my knitting machine dropping stitches?

If it comes unthreaded or isn’t threaded properly, your machine will drop stitches. If you are doing tuck stitch with most needles tucked, it can’t handle that and will drop stitches. If you are using inappropriate yarn, it can break and drop stitches, or it could be too thick, clog the needles and drop stitches.

Why does my knitting machine keep getting stuck?

It may be dirty. As you knit, bits of yarn get into your machine and build up as lint. This can cause your machine to jam. Or it may also need to be lubricated.

Can I use wd40 on my knitting machine?

Where Do I Apply Oil? You apply a very light coating of oil to the “Heels” of the Needles. You then pass the Knitting Machine Carriages across the needles, back-and-forth repeatedly. This way it is the Carriages that will distribute the oil you have applied to the cams on the underside of the Carriages.

What oil do you use for knitting machines?

I use and highly recommend Singer Sewing Machine Oil™. It is a widely available, highly refined, fine grade of machine oil and it does not break down at a high rate. I use nothing else and it has served my knitting machines very well for years.

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