How are Delica beads numbered?

Delica beads have the same color number for all 4 sizes of Delica, but DBLs have a dash before the color number. For example; silverlined crystal is “41” and DBS0041, DB0041, DBM0041 and DBL-0041 are all the same color.

What are the sizes of Delica beads?

Delica beads were first created by Miyuki in 1982 as a modern replacement for antique French metal 3-cut “steel cut” beads. They are now available in four sizes – 15/0, 11/0, 10/0 and 8/0.

What does AB mean in Delica beads?

AB is an iridescent coating that gives a subtle shimmer. It is named after the Aurora Borealis, the fabulous Northern Lights. It can be full or half coated.

What does DB mean in beads?

The most commonly used size (and I believe the original size) is size 11. So, this size of bead has the letter prefix DB. It literally stands for ‘Delica Bead’. Then, we have one smaller size – size 15. These beads have the letter prefix DBS, which stands for ‘Delica Bead Small’.

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How many size 11 Delica beads are in a gram?

The 11/0 size is the most popular bead size, recommended in bead magazines and beading books everywhere. There are approximately 175 to 200 beads in one gram of Delica Beads, depending on the color of the bead.

What are Miyuki Rocailles?

These Miyuki Rocaille Seed Beads are round in shape and are great for Bead Weaving Projects. For almost 60 years, Miyuki Seed Beads have been considered the “world standard” for their high quality, brilliance and uniform shape.

What is Duracoat on beads?

“Duracoat®” is a durable clear coating for dyed or galvanized beads. It is a thicker and stronger coating than a traditional one. This means the colors will last and keep their brightness. No dulling or flaking like with ‘craft-brand’ beads.

What does Ceylon mean in seed beads?

Ceylon – A pearl luster finish. Sometimes the color of this bead fades when exposed to strong sunlight. Duracoat – A clear coating that is applied to the outside of a Miyuki seed bead. This durable coating is thicker and stronger than traditional coatings, making it ideal for high-use items.

How many Delica colors are there?

Delicas are available in over 900 colors in size 11/0, which is the most popular size.

How many Delica beads are in 5g?

The Miyuiki 11/0 Delica Bead Collection

They can be purchased in 5g packs and each pack contains approximately 900 beads.

Do galvanized beads tarnish?

Any dyed or galvanized bead is very likely to fade or wear off over time.

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How many Delica beads are in 7.5 grams?

Round Seed Beads

Brand Size Package Size
Delica® #8 7.5 grams
50 grams
250 grams
Dyna-Mites #8 40 grams

Are Miyuki and Delica the same?

Miyuki & Toho beads are a bit more rounded, with large holes. … All Delicas are made by Miyuki, but not all beads from Miyuki are Delicas. Delicas are a different shape and substantially smaller than the same “size” seed beads.

Can you mix Miyuki and Toho beads?

Seed Beads vs Seed Beads

There is a big difference between Seed Beads from Miyuki and seed beads from Toho. … As you can see, there is a bit of a difference between the beads. Nonetheless you can use both beads into the same project! The differences are minimal and the beads can be combined in projects if you like.

What is Delica?

Delica is actually a brand name, made by Miyuki–the generic term is “cylinder bead”. Delica beads are a specific type of seed beads that are perfectly cylindrical. They are modern Japanese beads with thin walls and large holes; they can be smooth or six-sided.