How do you sew a hole in a wetsuit?

What to use to sew a wetsuit?

Strong, water resistant (i.e. spit), dental floss is perfect for surf stitching. Once you’ve located a spool of waxed, wintery fresh floss, thread it on a regular sewing needle and tie off the other end with a few knots. Then, go to town.

Can you sew a patch on neoprene?

Wetsuit manufacturers use a machine with a curved needle that sews the nylon together without penetrating much of the neoprene. That way, you will have your patch in place and you will not have damaged the suit.

How do you seal a wetsuit seam?

You can use wetsuit repair glue, or neoprene glue, to glue neoprene panels together. Neoprene glue is flexible and remains waterproof. Wetsuit glue is affordable and it’s available in most surf shops or available online. Don’t use any other type of glue to repair a wetsuit cut.

Can a wetsuit be altered?

If your wetsuit has become too loose or too tight in key areas (i.e. neck, cuffs, shoulders and back) the neoprene panels can easily be altered, meaning you don’t have to fork out for a completely new suit. …

What are flatlock seams wetsuit?

Flatlock stitching involves laying one panel edge over the other, then stitching though the neoprene. The resulting seam is flexible and strong. … Result: watertight, flexible seams. This is the ideal seam for cold water temperatures, and is the one found on higher quality, more expensive wetsuits.

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What are flatlock seams?

A flatlock is a seam which ensures that two pieces of fabric stay together. … This happens because two layers of fabric are connected by a single thread which causes some overlap between the two fabrics. The overlap causes irritation, and that’s why flatlock stitching is mostly used on sportswear.

Can you put patches on a wetsuit?

This strong, flexible patch can work on all types of neoprene gear including wetsuits, drysuits, and waders. It even works on spandex and Lycra® fabric. Here’s how to perform this simple repair: … Cut your Tenacious Tape Iron-On Neoprene Patch to size over the torn or damaged area.

Can you put an iron-on patch on neoprene?

With Tenacious Tape™ Iron-On Neoprene Patch from Gear Aid, you can fix rips, holes and tears on anything made of neoprene. Just cut the neoprene patch to fit, and use your home iron to create a permanent repair.