How do you sew a straight seam by hand?

What plain straight seams?

A Plain Seam is identified as a seam that is stitched between two pieces of fabrics, right sides together. Whether you’re using a straight stitch, zigzag, or something else, so long as the seam consists of two raw edges lined up with the right sides together and are sewn down, you are looking at a Plain Seam.

How is a plain standard seam made?

Plain seams are often made with two very different edges: When making a seam with a curved or bias edge and a straight edge, stitch with the curved or bias side on top. When making a seam with an eased edge and a plain edge, stitch with the eased edge down so the machine feed dogs work in the easing.

What should my straight stitch look like?

Straight Stitch

When it’s just right, your stitch will look like the one in the middle. The one on the left is too tight, causing the fabric to pucker, while the one on the right is too loose, making the stitches loopy.

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