Quick Answer: How much yarn does it take to crochet a poncho?

For simple shawls and ponchos, you are looking at an approximate yardage of 400–700 for your yarn of choice.

How much yarn do I need to knit a poncho?

To create the basic poncho described in this article, you will need 2 skeins of medium-worsted weight yarn and a pair of US size 9 (5.5 mm) knitting needles.

How wide should a crochet poncho be?

Most all the ponchos are a little less than 60″ wide when finished, most fabrics come from the mill in 60″ widths. There is some variation, most silpoly fabrics are 58″ from factory, nylon fabrics are usually 60″ to 62″ wide. Our xWide come at 66″ as do the Super UL.

How long is a crochet poncho?

SIZES. To fit Small (30/32″ bust), Medium (34/38″ bust) and Large (40/46″ bust). Choose a longer (24″) version or make it even quicker in a fashionably cropped (16″) length as shown.

What can I crochet with 200 yards of yarn?

These are some great ideas for 200 yards of fingering weight yarn.

  • Magic Geranium Slippers.
  • Pink Cable Braid Headband.
  • Izmir Hat.
  • Swan’s Head Mitts.
  • Rainbow Striped Knit Slipper Pattern.
  • Petite Cabled Skirt and Headband.
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How do I know how much yarn I need?

Formula: (length x width x gauge) / 6 = yards needed. Length and width are in inches and gauge is in stitches per inch. For example, if you’d like a scarf 48″ long and 8″ wide using a worsted weight yarn, (48 x 8 x 5) / 6 = 320 yards. Round up as running out of yarn is the worst!

What size should a poncho be?

Men’s and women’s poncho size charts

Chest Length
XS 32″ 25″
S 35″ 26″
M 38″ 27″
L 41″ 28″

How do you measure for a poncho?

Measure the distance from the shoulder to where the bottom edge will be and double it (if the measurement was 27”, then 54” of fabric will be needed+ 2 inches for hemming. This makes a total of 56” long.

How long are kids ponchos?

Child’s poncho size charts

4-5 years 23″ 58.5
6-7 years 24.5″ 62.5
8-9 years 26″ 66
10-11 years 27.5″ 70

What can I make with 500 yards of yarn?

You almost need to have at least 500 yards of super bulky yarn to knit anything worthwhile, because this is about the range you get into where you can knit sizable torso accessories like scarves and shawls, and even home decor knits like rugs.

What can you make with 72 yards of yarn?

Sport Weight Patterns

  • Close Knit Washcloths.
  • Quick Knit Headphone Holder.
  • Dreieck.
  • Something Special Gift Bags.
  • Rustic Charm Boot Cuffs.
  • Seed Stitch Baby Booties.

What can I make with 400 yards of yarn crochet?

However, there are plenty of accessories you can knit in this yardage and weight.

  • Primavera Wrap.
  • Moonstone Beginner Vest Pattern.
  • Easy Baby Cardigan.
  • Morning Star Knit Baby Blanket.
  • Loop Scarf.
  • Fluffy Brioche Hat.
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