What is a standard scrapbook page size?

The two most popular formats for scrapbooking are 12”x12” and 8.5”x11″. There are many papers and albums designed to accommodate these sizes, so choose whichever you think will work best for you. Keep in mind that 12”x12” will allow room for more photos and embellishments, but they do take up more physical space.

What size is most scrapbook paper?

Scrapbooking Sizes

Letter size and 12 x 12 are the most common scrapbooking paper sizes.

What size pictures are best for scrapbooking?

After all, 4×6 is a standard photo size, so that’s the one to use. Of course there are 5×7 or 8×10 enlargements, but those are for special photos. Also, when I uploaded photos to print at a lab, 4×6 was the available option.

How many pages can a 12×12 scrapbook hold?

Scrapbook 12×12 Album Decorative Fabric DIY, Holds 20 Pages, Window Frame Cover Postbound.

What type of paper is used for scrapbook?

Cardstock is sold in a variety of textures and colors. It can also be lignin and acid-free which is the perfect medium for scrapbooking. Cardstock is the most popular type of crafting paper.

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How do I choose a scrapbook paper?

Determine your focal point and then choose your paper. If you’re using several photos for a spread as you plan your layout, then choose a scrapbook paper that is either solid or contains a small pattern. Otherwise, the paper will overwhelm the spread and the photos won’t be appreciated as much.

Can scrapbook paper go through a printer?

Technically, yes. You can print on most patterned papers. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the sizes of patterned paper are not typically printer-friendly, so you’ll need to either cut-down the paper or adjust your printer settings.

How many pictures should be in a scrapbook?

Each category should then be broken down into pages, and each page should have roughly four to six photographs assigned to it. Note that if you plan on making a smaller scrapbook, you may only need two or three photos per page.

How do you make a scrapbook like a pro?

10+ Tips on How to Scrapbook Like a Pro

  1. PICK A THEME. …
  4. Don’t Be Afraid to use your handwriting (no matter how sloppy!) …
  5. Choose a Unique Blank Book. …
  6. Don’t Limit Yourself to Using Only Photos! …

How do you arrange pictures in a scrapbook?

Starting with the most recent photos is usually easiest for her. After that “sort by decade if you have photos going back 40 or 50 years,” she said. “Then go into each decade and put them into some sort of order from there.” Make sure you choose the best photos for your scrapbook, and consider shredding outtakes.

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How many pages fit in a 12×12 Creative Memories album?

Complete Albums

They come filled with 16 pages with pre-printed designs and feature our exclusive Flex-Hinge® binding so the album will lie flat for easy viewing.

How do you make a scrapbook page?


  1. Sort Your Photos. To start your page, select several photos of one theme. …
  2. Choose a Focal Point Photo. Select one photo to be the main picture on your layout. …
  3. Choose Paper and Embellishments. …
  4. Create a Background. …
  5. Double-Mat the Focal Point Photo. …
  6. Group Mat the Supporting Photos. …
  7. Add Photos. …
  8. Add Journaling.

Which paper is best for paper craft?

Crafting Paper Types Chart

Type Paper Weights Paper Colors
Patterned Paper Medium: 20–60 lb. (75-90 gsm) Colored patterns
Card Stock Thick: 80–100 lb. (218–271 gsm) Any color
Cardboard Very Thick: 50lb.+ (130+ gsm) Gray, brown, colors
Kraft Paper Thick: 80–100 lb. (218–271 gsm) Gray, brown, colors

What GSM is best for scrapbooking?

80lb / 300gsm

This is the best thickness for intricate, detailed thin metal dies. Scrapbook.com’s 5-star rated 85lb Paper Pads fall in this category and are perfect for so many projects!