What is weld bead size?

How do you choose a weld bead size?

The size of a fillet weld should be calculated by the designer of the welded structure, based on the nature and magnitude of applied loads, on the material and on the design basis.

What is weld bead?

What Is A Weld Bead? A weld bead is created by depositing a filler material into a joint between two pieces of metal. As you melt a filler material into the workpiece, how you move the torch will impact how you advance the puddle and the type of bead you leave in the joint.

What is meant by weld size?

The length of the leg is usually referred to as the size of the weld. The weld throat is the distance between the center of the face and the root of the weld. Usually, the depth of the throat must be at least as thick as the thickness of the metal you weld.

How do you determine weld size?

The maximum size of fillet weld will be= 0.7 x T, where T is the base metal thickness. In case of dissimilar thickness, we should consider the thinner base metal thickness.

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What is 6mm fillet weld?

Fillet welds are defined by the size of the leg length e.g. a 6 mm CFW is a continuous fillet weld having a leg length of 6 mm.

When the size of weld is 10 mm What is the value of throat thickness?

What is the effective throat thickness dimension of 10mm fillet weld made by shielded metal arc welding and submerged arc welding? effective throat thickness = 0.7a = 0.7×12.4 = 8.6mm.

What are the two types of welding bead?

Welding Beads – Types Of Beads

  • TIG Welding Beads.
  • Stick Welding Beads.
  • MIG beads.
  • Flux Cored MIG Beads. Conclusion.

How wide is a weaving bead?

A rule of thumb is that the maximum weave width should be about three times the electrode core wire diameter. Once deposited, weld beads should preferably exhibit a slightly convex surface contour.

What weld symbols mean?

Welding symbols are used to communicate between the designer and the welder. … The arrow and leader line point to the joint in question, while the weld symbol tells you what type of weld to do. If the weld symbol is below the reference line (such as in symbol 1), the weld should be made on the same side as the arrow.

What is the weld called?

The weld itself is called the fusion zone—more specifically, it is where the filler metal was laid during the welding process. The properties of the fusion zone depend primarily on the filler metal used, and its compatibility with the base materials.

What are the five welding essentials?


  • 5 essentials for proper welding procedures.
  • 8 FACTORS to consider in selecting arc welding electrodes.
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What is fillet weld size?

Fillet welds may have a size associated with them. This size is called out on the left side of the symbol before the vertical side. The size is indicating the leg length of the weld. If a single size is called out this is specifying that weld should have equal leg sizes.

What is groove weld size?

Often associated with a groove weld is going to be the weld size. This weld size is the depth of penetration you will be getting when applying the weld. When a weld is applied we should be melting into the root of the part so our weld should be larger in dimension than the preparation of the joint.

What are the different types of weld?

What are the 4 Types of Welding?

  • MIG – Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) …
  • TIG – Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) …
  • Stick – Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) …
  • Flux-cored – Flux-cored Arc Welding (FCAW) …
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