Your question: How do you make bead holes smaller?

It is possible to add stabilizing beads or caps to the ends of beads to make smaller holes for the wire to go through.

What is a bead aligner?

With bead aligners, you can incorporate your favorite large-hole beads into any jewelry design. … One end of aligners features a small peg that is meant to go inside a larger bead’s hole to align that bead with the rest. Simply string one aligner on each side of your large-hole bead and design your idea.

How do you string large holes in pearls?

If the hole is too large to stay put, one of the ways to string them together is to use clear tubing. The clear tubing is often sold along with large hole gemstone beads. It fits into the large hole, and you can run metal wiring through it quickly.

What are European beads?

The charming European beads are specially designed with large holes in a variety of beautiful colors and various materials. Pearls, glass, acrylic, metal, rhinestone, wood are the most ordinary used materials. They are perfect for European style charm bracelet, necklace, earrings other jewelry and craft work.

How do you make a bead hole bigger without a reamer?

You don’t have to purchase a bead reamer. A few things you can use: a safety pin, a toothpick, a paper clip or bobby pin, darning needle, anything with a point that will slide through the beading hole easily.

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How do you make a homemade bead spinner?

You only need one wooden chopstick and small plastic jar(container). I used one from apple sauce, and it holds up to 100 grams of beads! Using an awl, make a hole in the center of jar. Push the stick down through the hole gently and slowly, allowing the pushing to widen the hole.

How do bead sizes work?

The biggest key to understanding seed bead sizing is the concept that the smaller the number, the larger the bead. This means that a 6/0 seed bead is larger in size than a 12/0 seed bead. … For example size 11 can be written 11/0 or 11°, and is referred as “size 11” or “11 aught” seed beads.

What size beads fit on 2mm cord?

For designs using 0.5mm to 1mm cord, I recommend cloisonné beads 8mm or larger or large-hole sterling silver beads. For designs with 2mm leather cord, I use sterling silver tube, cylinder and drum beads, glass tile, pony, crow, wood and bone beads that have large holes.

How do I know what size bead cap to get?

There are many types of bead caps to choose from. Find the ones that suit your beads in style, size and the overall look of your finished design. The size of the bead cap should match, or be larger than, the size of your bead and is usually listed in millimeters.