Frequent question: Can you use satin ribbon to bind a quilt?

How do you put satin ribbon on a blanket?

How to Sew Satin Blanket Binding:

  1. Lay one layer of fabric over the other with Wrong Sides Together (WST) with the outer edges aligned.
  2. Open the blanket binding and lay flat next to the raw edge of the fabric.
  3. Slide blanket binding under the raw edge of the fabric until the raw edge meets the middle of the satin.

What is satin blanket binding?

Blanket binding is a fabric trim sewn over the border of a blanket or quilt to give a nice finished edge that won’t fray. It is typically made of satin to add a soft texture to the edge of the banket. It is machine washable and pre-folded to make sewing easy.

What is single fold satin blanket binding?

Description: Wrights Satin Blanket Binding is perfect for binding blankets, quilts, coverlets, and also as an apparel trim. The material is colorfast, machine washable and dryable. It has woven edges so binding will not fray and will not loose its luster.

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