How can we stop the spread of tobacco mosaic virus?

wash their hands after handling infected plants. wash tools that have come into contact with infected plants in detergent or bleach. rotate the crops they grow in a contaminated field – they must not grow tobacco or tomato plants in the field for at least two years.

How can we prevent the spread of plant diseases?

Nine Keys to Plant Disease Prevention

  1. Understand the mechanism of infection. …
  2. Choose the right plants for your site. …
  3. Use disease-resistant varieties. …
  4. Keep a clean garden: roguing, rotating crops, and sanitizing tools. …
  5. Create a well-balanced soil. …
  6. Keep plants healthy: proper watering, mulching, pruning, and fertilizing.

How can we control yellow mosaic virus?

Control measures:

— Infected plants should be removed. — Remove and destroy disease-affected leaves/plants from crop fields to avoid secondary spread. — Destroy host weeds. Intercrop with non host crops like sorghum, pearl millet and maize.

Why is it important to control the spread of plant disease?

The plants and crops in any place have evolved with the local pathogens so are able to survive. Those same pathogens can be deadly to plants in other parts of the world. This is why the movement of foods, seeds, timber, whole plants and soil is regulated.

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How do we protect seeds from diseases?

By coating seeds with insecticides that protect against wireworm or seed corn maggots, for example, farmers can reduce the risk of crop loss from these pests. Fungicidal and biological seed treatments can protect crops from diseases such as Pythium or Rhizoctonia.

How can pest and diseases be prevented?

The best way to control both pests and diseases is to keep plants healthy.

  1. Build healthy soil. Healthy soil provides a home to friendly insects and helps prevent many plant diseases.
  2. Plant resistant varieties. …
  3. Space plants correctly. …
  4. Plant at the right times.

How can we control yellow mosaic virus in soybeans?

Seed treatment: Before sowing, treat the seed with Thiamethoxam 30 FS @ 10ml/kg seed or Imidacloprid 48 FS @ 1.25 ml/kg seed followed by seed inoculation. 3. Use of recommended seed rate, spacing and fertilizers: Higher seed rate results in more densely populated soybean crop which attracts more insects.

How do you prevent tomato mosaic virus?

Destroy any seedlings that appear stunted or distorted and then decontaminate tools and hands. Keep the area around the tomatoes weeded and free of plant detritus to minimize areas the disease can harbor. Control insects as well to lessen the chances of contamination.

What causes tobacco mosaic virus?

The tobacco mosaic virus infects tobacco and lots of other closely related species like tomatoes and peppers. It is transmitted by contact between plants, either naturally or on the hands of farmers. It infects the chloroplasts of plant leaves and changes their colour from green to yellow or white in a mosaic pattern.

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How can diseases spread in crops?

All viruses that spread within their host tissues (systemically) can be transmitted by grafting branches or buds from diseased plants on healthy plants. Natural grafting and transmission are possible by root grafts and with parasitic dodder (Cuscuta species). Vegetative propagation often spreads plant viruses.

What is physical control of plant diseases?

Physical methods of disease prevention and control are based on the physi- ological tolerance of disease agents to adverse conditions such as increased or low temperature, absence of moisture, presence of deleterious irradiation; and the removal of pathogen sources or presence of physical barriers to prevent contact …

Why do seeds need protection?

The purpose of the seed coat is to protect the seed from physical, temperature-related, or water damage. The seed coat also ensures that the plant seed remain in a state of dormancy until conditions are right for the plant embryo to germinate, or sprout.

How do Spinners help disperse seeds?

Although their mode of dispersal is similar to single-winged helicopter seeds, the flutterer/spinners include seeds with a papery wing around the entire seed or at each end. When released from their seed capsules they flutter or spin through the air.

How do you treat seeds?

The following methods are used to treat seeds: Seed dormancy.

Several treatments can be used to break dormancy and improve seed growth.

  1. Expose seeds to high temperatures (40−42°C) for 1−2 days prior to sowing.
  2. Seed priming – Soak seeds for 4−8 hrs and re-dry prior to sowing.
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