How do you finish the armpit hole in knitting?

Use the darning needle to stitch up the hole. Then weave the yarn across to the other side and do the same to close up the last hole. Voila! A nice neat underarm seam has been completed!

How do you fix a hole in the armpit of a sweater?

Simple sweater mend: under arm hole

  1. Pin the underarm seam. Turn the sweater inside out. …
  2. Sew a new seam. Start on top of the original seam a little before the hole, curve around the hole and end on top of the original seam a little beyond the hole.
  3. That’s it, you’re done!

Can you fix a hole in a knit sweater?

If you normally take your knits to a tailor to fix small holes or loose buttons, it’s time to mend your ways. … With some basic stitchery, you can darn a hole, replace a button, reinforce a buttonhole, or fix a pulled thread.

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