How do you join knitted garter stitch squares?

What is the best stitch to join knitted squares?

We can also use this seam when we need to join cast on and bind off edges. That makes baseball stitch a great help when we put together a bunch of squares to make a blanket, a poncho or a wide scarf. To make it work, join the spots that are one row away from the edge and one stitch apart.

What can I do with knitted squares?

Things To Do With A Knitted Square

  1. Use them as a mat for your plant pot – this one is great if you’ve dropped a stitch and need to hide it!
  2. Stitch together in a square to form the front of a cushion cover.
  3. Add ties at the side and use for a bike seat cover.
  4. Stitch together in a length to make a scarf.
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